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5. Shopping ___s are popular places to go shopping in America. ___s have many different stores.
6. What do you want for a birthday ___? Do you want a new dress? New shoes? A new sweater?
8. Girls usually wear shorts, pants, jeans, skirts, or ___es.
11. Why pay ___ price if you can get it on sale or at a discount price?
13. A girl always looks ___ in a ___ dress. She doesn't look ugly in a ___ dress.
15. We'll go to the store, and you can pick ___ a dress that you like.
16. They had so many dresses! It was hard to ___ out just one dress; I wanted them all.
17. She tried on several dresses in the clothing store's ___ room.
18. My ___ daughter is so ___ to me. I love her so much.


1. JC ___ and Sears are popular department stores.
2. Do you have a ___ room in this store? I want to see if this dress fits me.
3. Her parents sang Happy ___ to her and gave her a ___ present when she turned 12.
4. I feel ___ because I can't find a ___ dress that fits me. I'm so sad.
7. Some people already have ___; they don't need or want birthday presents.
9. I always buy everything on ___. I never pay full price for anything.
10. A. How ___ are you, my dear? B. I'm 12 years ___ today, Grandma.
11. That dress doesn't ___ you. It's too short and too tight.
12. A. Is this dress on sale? B. Of ___! Every dress in the store is on sale today.
13. How much does this dress cost? I don't see a ___ tag on it.
14. When she was 12 ___ old, her mom bought her a new dress.