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1. Please don't ___ the door; close it quietly.
2. Why do you ___ your food with your mouth open? Do you think I want to see your ___ed-up food on your tongue? It's disgusting!
4. Don't ___ when your mama is talking. Her words are more important than yours.
7. Phew! Can you smell that? Someone needs to empty the cat's ___ box.
8. You don't have to ___ to get a taxi in New York City; just raise your hand. Drivers can see you better than they can hear you.
11. Don't ___ me when I'm on the computer; I'm trying to work.
13. Many signs at the zoo say Don't ___ the Animals (they get plenty to eat).
16. Be polite, please. If you are not polite to me, I will be ___ to you.
17. Thousands of fans enjoy screaming, yelling, and ___ing at a soccer game.
18. You should always think before you ___ your mouth and say something dumb.
19. You should let a sleeping ___ lie. If you wake it up, it might bite you.
20. The batter who gets the most ___s in one baseball season gets an award.


1. People who watch horror movies sometimes ___ at the scary parts.
3. After dinner, take the dishes off the table and then ___ the table clean with a damp cloth or paper towel.
5. The lottery is worth $146 million. You can ___ your own six numbers, or let the lottery computer do a Quick ___.
6. Little boys wipe their noses on short-___ or long-___ shirts.
9. A busy restaurant or nightclub is so ___ you can't hear what your friends are saying.
10. My life is a total ___; I have no job, no friends, and no future.
12. Single men and women go online to find someone who ___es their own interests.
14. Don't ___ out of school; it will be your biggest mistake.
15. How could you ___ your wallet? That's like ___ting your keys! Maybe you have Alzheimer's.