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3. We need ___ for drinking, washing, and cooking.
5. A. Are there any ___-tasting vegetables? B. No. All vegetables are bad-tasting.
6. I'll use my knife to ___ the vegetables into little pieces. I'll ___ the banana when I'm finished with the vegetables.
7. Do you prefer to ___ bottled water or tap water?
8. He finally ___ed the carrot after chewing it for a long time.
12. Don't ___ food with your mouth open. It looks bad and sounds bad.
14. A. Is this ___ glass of water or is it mine? B. It's ___s. The tall glass is my glass.
15. Little kids ___ vegetables. They love fruits, but they ___ veggies.
17. He chewed the carrot very ___. It took him a long time to chew it.
19. If you don't ___ all the vegetables on your plate, you'll get no dessert. Don't play with them--___ them.
20. A. They say that carrots help your vision. They help you see ___. B. ___, that's what they say. Who knows if it's true?


1. Is a carrot a ___ or a fruit? Is a tomato a ___ or a fruit? Is a green bean a ___ or a fruit?
2. Many people use ___s and spoons to eat. Many people use chopsticks.
4. Does Bugs Bunny love to eat raw, orange ___s?
6. ___ of these carrots are no good, but most of them are okay. Can I have ___ of your salad?
9. Put the food on your fork. Then open your ___ and put the fork into your ___.
10. Do carrots improve your ___sight? Do carrots make you see better? Do carrots make your ___s healthier?
11. Many vegetables are crunchy, but they don't have much ___. That's why they don't ___ good. They need more sugar.
13. A. ___ are you playing with your vegetables? B. Because I don't want to eat them.
16. The last ___ I ate carrots was when I was a little boy. I took my ___ eating them, because I didn't like them.
18. The little boy slowly ate the sliced carrots. He ate them ___ by ___. He ate them ___ at a time.