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1. Did you hear that loud noise? What ___ed? Was it a car crash?
3. A. I have so many ___s to do. It's just one ___ after another. B. Yes, there's always some___ to do.
5. Just because you are rich doesn't mean you are ___. Some rich people are un___.
8. I don't want to play that game. It ___s me; it's not interesting.
9. I ___ chocolate ice cream, but I don't ___ vanilla.
10. A. What did you say? B. I ___ that I want to be rich and happy.
11. A. The sky is blue. B. I know ___. Everybody knows ___.
14. Will all my family and ___s be with me in heaven?
16. They say that ___ people go to heaven; bad people go to hell.
18. When good people die, they go straight to ___ to be with the angels.


2. A ___ for everything, and everything in its ___. That is how you stay organized. A ___ is similar to a space.
4. Can I be ___ with you? I don't really like your new haircut. It looks bad.
6. She is very ___. She always says Please, Thank You, and You're Welcome. But her son is very im___.
7. Kids hate to do ___ after school. They think it's boring.
12. We're almost finished. We have to do just ___ more thing, and we'll be done.
13. I like that candy. Let me have one ___ piece, please.
15. Good people go to heaven when they ___. Bad people go to hell when they ___.
17. You have to ___ your homework before I will let you watch TV.