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2. Old people usually have white or gray ___ on their heads.
4. It's polite and nice to ___ your candy with others. If you ___ with them, they will ___ with you.
5. You're such a ___ little girl. That's so nice of you to share your cookie. You are as ___ as a cookie.
7. Sometimes when the old lady ___s over, she can't stand up straight. She has a bad back.
8. All the students liked Mrs. Jones. They enjoyed being in her ___.
10. Cindy didn't eat the delicious ___. Many people like chocolate chip ___s.
13. Old people usually walk slow. They don't walk ___.
14. A. Did Mrs. Jones ___ cookies to class on Friday? B. Yes, she brought cookies to class.
15. ___ is Friday. Yesterday was Thursday. Tomorrow is Saturday.
16. Mrs. Jones was old, but she wasn't bent ___. She stood up straight. Her back was straight.
17. Every ___ she brought cookies to class. Is ___ the day before Saturday?
18. Many old people are ___ walkers; some are fast walkers.


1. Did ___. Jones bring cookies to class on Friday? Was she married to Mr. Jones?
2. She wanted to take her cookie ___ and share it with her sister at ___.
3. Mrs. Jones was a good ___. All her students liked her.
4. Her back was ___. She stood up ___. She wasn't bent over.
5. ___s like to go to school if they have good teachers.
6. She likes all kinds of cookies, ___ chocolate chip cookies.
7. She had ___ hair. It was as ___ as the ___board in the classroom.
9. I think lemon cookies are ___, but chocolate chip cookies are especially ___.
11. The hair color of many old people changes from black to ___ or gray.
12. She didn't have a brother; she wanted to share her cookie with her ___.