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4. That was a ___ vacation! It rained every day, all day long. It was terrible.
7. Pour some ___ on your pancakes. Try this sweet maple ___.
8. Do you ___ that? Phew! It ___s like a dead animal. How horrible! Hold your nose.
9. I drink diet ___ because it has no calories--usually diet Coke or diet Pepsi.
10. I have too much ___. I'm going to have a yard sale and get rid of all this clutter and junk.
13. The price is $100, but if you ___ the tax, it will be $110.
15. She ___ed some milk into the glass. I will ___ some syrup on my waffles.
17. I am so ___! Do you have anything to drink? Water would be great.
18. Why do they sell ___s in ___ bags and red apples in red bags? Are they trying to trick us?


1. ___ is so delicious. They sell ___ candy, ___ cake, ___ ice cream, and even ___ milk! I like ___ much more than vanilla.
2. I'm going to ___ a few of these shirts and try them on in the dressing room.
3. In many kitchens are a microwave, a stove, an oven, a toaster, and a big ___ and freezer.
5. --Here, ___ this; does it ___ too salty? --No, it ___s just right. It's delicious.
6. Budweiser and Coors are two popular American ___s. Some people shouldn't drink ___, because they get drunk and mean.
7. ___ this big pill quickly and you won't taste it. Here, some water will help you ___ it more easily.
11. Did you ___ your homework? Okay, now you can watch TV.
12. Did you ever ___ how you'll die? Will you die in bed, or in a car accident, or from a disease? Nobody ever knows.
14. Let's have a ___ before we eat. Here's a glass of red wine.
16. For breakfast I usually have coffee, milk, and orange ___. Sometimes I have apple ___ or tomato ___.