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1. The beach is always ___ on a hot summer day; people are everywhere.
4. Only ___s are allowed to buy alcohol, buy cigarettes, or play the lottery.
6. Malibu ___ in California is famous for the movie stars who live there and swim there.
7. If you ___ the bed while I push it from behind, we can move it.
9. If you are standing on the subway, ___ a handrail so you don't fall over.
10. People who live in Malibu Beach have ___ views.
11. Young women wear sexy ___s when they go to the beach or the pool.
12. ___ are popular footwear at the beach and in summertime.
13. Use a ___ to dry off after a shower or a swim.
16. ___ and a hat help keep the bright sun out of your eyes.
17. Some swimmers ___ because they ignore the warning signs at the beach.
19. Don't ___ it if you haven't tried it.
20. He walked from the bottom of the valley to the ___ of the mountain.
21. I'm still waiting for a ___ to the e-mail I sent you yesterday.


2. Are my sweaters in the top ___, the middle ___, or the bottom ___.
3. If you can't solve your car problem, I ___ that you call a mechanic. That is my ___ion.
5. I was crossing the street when a speeding car ___ appeared out of nowhere.
6. The Empire State Building is only a couple of ___s from Macy's department store.
8. A new penny is ___ and shiny; an old penny is dull and dirty.
11. Rub ___ all over your body to help block harmful sun rays.
14. If you ___ a hat, a shirt with long sleeves, and long pants, you will protect your skin from sun damage.
15. I ___d at my son who was riding the ocean ___s on his surfboard.
16. Do you see all the water ___s on the dinner glasses? You need to wipe them off.
18. It's normal to ___ about things. But if you ___ too much, you will make yourself sick.