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2. Many people go to church or play golf on ___.
4. Let's ___ to the beach; it's only 20-minute ___. If we drive, we'll never find a parking place.
5. Finally, we have some ___ weather. It was so cold the last two weeks.
6. Straw___, black___, blue___, cran___, rasp___. They are all delicious.
8. You should take a ___. You got up so early, and you went to bed so late. You need some sleep.
9. We walked through the ___ and saw many butterflies, bees, and flowers.
12. A husband and wife ___ things, ideas, and their life. Don't be stingy--___.
14. A ___ is a farm animal with short legs, a curly tail, and a fat body.
16. A dog will ___ under the bed if you get angry at it.
17. People get away from the noise by going to a ___ library. (Shh!)
18. ___s grow grain, fruits, and vegetables. They raise cows and pigs.


1. There are many deep, dark ___s all over the world. Bats like to sleep in ___s.
3. "It's always ___est before the dawn." When the lights go out, the room will be ___.
5. Animals live in the ___, but when the ___ burn down, the animals are homeless.
6. He is a handsome man with a ___ wife and a ___ daughter.
7. The hungry brown ___ walked out of the woods. It knocked over trash cans looking for food.
10. Let's have a picnic in the park. Let's put food and drinks into the picnic ___, and we'll carry the ___ to a table.
11. Don't ___ valuables in plain view in your car. Criminals will steal them.
13. During a cold ___, people hope for an early spring.
15. Our family has our problems, and ___ family has ___ problems.