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1. I think I'll start my breakfast with a tall glass of apple ___.
3. Why is ___ the most popular sport in America? Is it the hot dogs or the home runs?
6. I love ___ and cookies. I don't care if it's nonfat, lowfat, or whole ___.
7. Have you ___ any change? I need four quarters.
9. That was a fast taxi ___ from the hotel to the airport. I'm glad we didn't crash.
10. A loving husband and wife go through life ___. They face problems ___. They enjoy vacations ___.
12. Has his plane ___ at the airport yet? He said he would call when the plane landed.
13. Take a look ___ to see if it's raining or not.
16. What time did you ___ up this morning? I woke up at 7.
17. ___ you remember to set the alarm for tomorrow morning? I need to get up at 6:30.
19. What is your ___ movie? My ___ movie is "Titanic." I love that movie!
20. A potato changes color from white to ___ when you fry it.


2. Bring the dog ___ the house before it starts to rain.
3. In New York City, travelers use a Metro card to travel on the subway, ferry, and ___.
4. What is more delicious than hot bread with melted ___ on it?
5. I'll start the day with a glass of juice, a banana, and a bowl of ___ with milk.
8. Bananas usually are one of three colors: green, ___, or brown.
10. If you are a heavy smoker, you will have bad breath and yellow or brown ___.
11. Good ___s help each other out. Your ___ will take you to the airport if you need a ride.
14. Take the ___ out of the ___er and put some butter and jelly on it.
15. She is a bad ___; she's had three traffic accidents in three years.
18. You must be sleepy; you open your mouth to ___ every minute or so.