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1. I turned off the ___ and then turned on the radio.
2. Baseball fans in America either hate or love the New York ___.
4. Many people feel that a pizza without a lot of slices of ___ is not a real pizza.
7. When I finish this crossword puzzle, I think I'll order a ___.
8. My TV isn't making a ___ because it's on mute.
10. Did you look at the ___? How much is a large pizza with two toppings?
11. I like meat, so put pepperoni and ___ on my pizza.
14. She ___ me on the phone that she wants to eat out at a pizza place tonight.
16. Young ___ players dream about playing for the New York Yankees.
18. I love pizza with just two toppings: pepperoni and melted ___.
19. Long ago someone created a pizza with ham and Hawaiian ___ chunks on it.


1. You can get as many pizza ___ as you want, but you usually pay extra for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th ___.
3. When the pizza man ___s on your door, have your cash and tip ready.
5. I changed my mind--I'll have sausage ___ of pepperoni.
6. How many toppings do you ___ on your pizza?
9. Our pizzas come in four sizes--small, medium, ___, and extra-___.
12. ___ is a meat that is delicious with pineapple.
13. Can't we go to a different pizza ___ for a change? I want to try some___ different.
15. If we ___ the pizza now, how long will it take to deliver it here?
17. Tell the delivery guy I'll double his ___ if he can get the pizza here before 8:00.