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2. A ___ is where Christians go to pray on Sunday.
4. Peel the ___, slice it, and put the slices on your cereal. Add milk, and enjoy.
6. Don't ___ in this filthy river; you'll get a disease.
8. He dove off the diving ___ at the deep end of the swimming pool.
10. Are you playing ___s with me? If you are, you'll be sorry.
12. How many guests did you ___ to the wedding?
14. He loves ___s. For breakfast, he eats one ___ and drinks a glass of ___ juice.
16. He likes a lot of mustard and onions on his hot ___s.
17. Square ___, fast ___, slow ___. Men and women like to ___ together when the music is right.
18. Squeeze the oranges and grapefruit into a glass to make some ___ to drink.


1. You can't have a birthday ___ without a cake and candles and lots of guests.
2. Red-and-white striped ___ canes are sweet and tasty treats at Christmas time.
3. She likes to put mayonnaise, lettuce, and onions on her ___s.
5. A ___ is soft, white, and super sweet. Many people roast ___s in a fire.
6. My favorite ___ is Coke.
7. An ice cream ___ is a scoop of ice cream ___ing in a tall glass of soda.
9. I love to watch the ___rs ___ off the diving boards during the Olympics.
11. An Olympic-sized swimming ___ is huge.
13. Put the candles on the ___ and light them. Then we will sing Happy Birthday.
15. --How old are you and what ___ are you in? --I'm 9 years old and I'm in fourth ___ at my school.