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6. You don't have to look both ___ to cross the street if it's a one-way street.
7. If you ___ your ears daily, you will hear better.
9. Always ___ your feet before you enter the house.
10. ___ like to see all their students enjoy learning.
12. Mommy, why do I have to wear clean ___? No one can see my ___!
14. Be ___, and good things will happen to you; you can't rush good things.
17. Pardon me, sir. Is this ___ cell phone? I found it on that chair.
19. Kids hate ___, but teachers always give them ___ to do at home.
20. Train your cat to use the ___ box so it won't have to go outside when it's raining.


1. Give me a hug and a ___ to show me you love me.
2. ___ up when you get into a car; it's the smart and safe thing to do.
3. She was ___ing the ___ing gum with her mouth wide open.
4. Do you ___ if I open the window a bit? It's a little hot in here.
5. People with good ___ are a pleasure to be with; they are polite and considerate.
8. ___ the laws and you won't go to jail or get traffic tickets.
9. I have noticed that many overweight people on TV ___ black clothes.
11. Some women with ___ hair go to a beauty parlor to make their hair curly or wavy.
13. A ___ person always says please, thank you, and you're welcome.
14. Kids learn to say their ___s every night so that God will help their family to be healthy and happy.
15. ___ shoes are killing me. I'm going to take them off and put on another pair.
16. Don't ever ___ the street without looking for traffic first.
18. Seat ___s have saved thousands of lives over the past 40 years.