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1. I have several good ___s, but I don't have a best ___. Everyone should have a best ___ to do things with.
5. If you don't ___ someone, that person will never be your friend.
7. The dog started ___ing loudly when the fire started. His ___ing woke the family up and saved their lives.
10. An elephant is a very large ___; an ant is a very small ___.
12. This old doorknob is ___; you have to turn it a certain way to make it open.
14. Can't we all get along? Our family should be ___, not separated.
16. Oink, oink! We get ham, bacon, and pork from a ___.
18. Moo! We get beef and milk from a ___.
19. Many ducks were resting on the ___, and many fish were swimming in the ___.
20. I'm moving; I have so many ___s to pack. I should just throw every___ out.


2. Quack, quack! Many hunters like to shoot flying ___s and then eat them.
3. I ___ you quit smoking! At least that's what you told me. Why is that cigarette in your mouth?
4. Life on a ___ is not easy; a ___er wakes up early to grow his crops and take care of his cows and pigs.
6. A ___ has big ears and big front teeth, and it hops everywhere.
8. I'm too tired to go out. I just don't have the ___ to do anything. Let me rest.
9. This is a ___ curve on this road. Many accidents occur here, so slow down.
11. Baa, baa! A baby ___ is a lamb. We get mutton and wool from ___.
13. ___ McNuggets. An adult male ___ is a rooster. Be brave; don't be a ___.
15. In the summer, kids love to ___ in the ___ming pool.
17. A ___ has a beard and horns, and it likes to butt other animals and people too.