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4. It wasn't a very good movie, but it was ___ good.
5. Time and Newsweek are two ___s that people read every week.
6. It's such a hot day. I drank some ___ water, and then I had some vanilla ___ cream.
9. I know it's hot, but you can't take off all your ___ in public.
11. That was a ___ sandwich; it tasted so good!
12. --Do you prefer milk ___ or dark ___? --Neither. I prefer vanilla.
13. Excuse me, sir. Would you please use my camera to take a ___ of my wife and me?
14. No ___s in the zoo were injured by the fire.
16. My ___ are sealed; I will never tell your secret to anyone.
17. The mailman ___s the mail six days a week.


1. Kids like to go to an ice cream ___ to sit down and enjoy big dishes of ice cream.
2. Here's your ___ and fries. Do you want ketchup with that?
3. You'd better ___ that ice cream fast before it melts all over the cone.
4. Most ___ love sugar and salt. Many animals do too.
7. Can I have another scoop of strawberry ice ___?
8. Did you put the milk back in the ___? If you didn't, it will spoil.
10. Some people prefer Burger King, and others prefer ___.
12. The ice cream fell out of the ice cream ___ and onto the sidewalk; the little boy started crying.
13. Would you prefer a pepperoni ___ or just a plain ___ with tomato sauce and cheese?
15. Don't ___ me angry; if you ___ me angry, I won't ___ you dinner.