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4. The striped ___ in the zoo growled and then attacked the young man who was throwing stones at it.
7. Most big cities in the USA have ___s where people can go to see animals from around the world.
9. It's a little chilly outside; you don't need a heavy jacket, but you should wear a ___at least.
10. I have chewing gum on the bottom of my left ___; I need to scrape it off.
12. The blue ___ is the largest mammal and largest animal on earth. (A ___ isn't a fish, but it sure looks like one!)
14. The salad bar has a ___ guard to protect the vegetables from people who ___. (A-choo!)
15. She took a ___ out of the apple and saw a big brown spot.
17. The house had a new carpet and fresh ___ on the inside and outside walls.
18. I'm hungry. I'm going to have some potato salad, a bowl of ___, and a ham sandwich.
20. She loves to paint her finger___s and her toe___s different colors.
21. I feel bad; I hope it's just a ___ and not the flu.


1. Many people consider purple and ___ to be the same color.
2. Most people prefer to ___ and poo at home, not out in public.
3. A delicious hot ___ has lots of meat and vegetables in it; it usually takes hours to cook.
5. A ___ is a flower of many different colors, but many ___s have thorns.
6. Kids like to use colorful ___s to draw pictures and to color in black and white pictures.
8. Puppies love to ___ on slippers, toys, and rawhide bones--anything they can put in their mouths.
9. Use a ___driver to attach a ___ to a wall or other object.
11. The Indian ___ is between the Atlantic ___ and the Pacific ___.
13. Many people like to wear a cap or a ___ on their head.
14. The price of a ___ that you put on an envelope keeps going up and up.
16. A printer without ___ is like a car without gas.
17. Sixteen ounces are in a ___, and 2,000 ___s are in a ton.
19. The swine ___ traveled around the world in 2009. Many people got sick, but not very many died.