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1. If you are a soldier, sailor, or marine, you are in the ___.
5. I ___ed the army so that I could get good education benefits when I finished my duty.
6. The plane ___ed into the helicopter, but no one knows who caused the accident.
9. I'll be with you ___ away. Be patient--I'll be ___ there.
10. A doctor has to have some ___ with some of his patients. They don't always describe their problems clearly.
11. He needs to ___ his dog on a leash--it is a dangerous dog.
12. Good ___s teach their kids to respect others, study hard, and work hard.
16. He got a bachelor's ___ from one college, and a master's ___ from another college.
18. The ___, Navy, Marines, and Air Force are the military forces in the USA.
19. After you spend 30 years working for the same company, you can ___ and take it easy.


2. A good ___er loves to ___ his students about books and about life.
3. A ___man or a ___woman helps protect ordinary citizens from crime.
4. Many people think that ___ City (Manhattan) is the greatest city in the world.
7. The passengers got on the ___ and waited almost an hour for it to take off.
8. A ___ degree will help you earn much more money than just a high school diploma.
13. You can ___ by plane, bus, train, or car. Most ___ers prefer to use their cars.
14. Daredevils like to ___ out of planes, ___ off cliffs, or ___ with bungee cords.
15. Did you ever ___ to run a marathon or climb a mountain? Did you succeed?
16. I love my ___; he taught me to work hard, study hard, and stand up for what I believe in.
17. Criminals belong in ___; they don't belong on the street with honest people.