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1. Some ___s like to chase cars and cats.
3. A ___ dog has a loud bark and eats more food than a small dog.
4. Some people think that having a ___'s foot is good luck. (But it's not good luck for the poor ___ that can't hop around anymore.)
7. The two most popular ___s in the USA are dogs and cats.
8. Sodas are also called ___ drinks. (A beverage containing alcohol might be called a hard drink.)
9. A jockey rides a race ___.
12. I will love you ___; I will never stop loving you.
14. The mother ___ tried to sleep while her kittens played next to her.
15. Usually you won't get ___ if you eat right and exercise regularly.
16. --Did you have a nice ___ at work to___? --No, I had a bad ___. I hope tomorrow is better.
17. Aren't you tired ___? You've been working for 12 hours.
18. There are 26 students in the ___room today.


1. The ___ of the school bus overslept, so all the students were late to school.
2. Many people ___ to live in a peaceful, quiet, and safe neighborhood.
5. Kids are not allowed to stand on a school ___; they must all be seated.
6. Many students are dropping out of high ___ before they graduate.
7. A diamond ring is the ___ gift for most women.
10. It's easier to read well than to ___ well.
11. My poor ___ fell down and broke her hip when she was 89.
13. The box of candy was a nice birthday ___, but I wanted a diamond ring.