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4. A ___ and a tortoise are similar animals; they have a hard shell and travel very slowly.
5. A ___ is a pretty flower that has many different colors, not just purple.
7. Where ___ my keys? Where is my umbrella?
8. I have to use the ___ right now. Is there a rest room near here?
10. I hope you ___ a nice time on your vacation.
12. Women wear a nightgown or ___ to bed; men wear shorts or ___.
13. My ___ Ted is married to my Aunt Tess.
14. A food strainer helps keep food from clogging the pipe under your kitchen ___.
15. People buy a lot of electronic items at Radio ___, a popular store.
19. Rich people live in ___s; poor people live in shacks.
20. ___ is a man's name; it is short for Frederick.
21. If your car has a flat ___, you will have to change it. You will need to use the spare ___.


1. I like ___ people with good manners; I don't like im___ people who are rude and have no manners.
2. He is a ___ person; he kicks dogs and throws rocks at cats and birds.
3. Babe Ruth is the most famous ___ player of all time. He hit 714 home runs.
4. ___ Williams was a great baseball player. ___ is short for Theodore. Little kids like to have ___dy bears.
6. A ___-engine plane has two engines; a single-engine plane has one engine.
9. The gardener mows the ___, and a big sign says Keep Off the ___.
10. The beautiful woman married the ___ man, but their first baby was ugly.
11. I'm angry at you, so tonight you can sleep on the ___ or the sofa, but not in the bed.
15. I don't feel ___y right now; I got 10 hours of ___ last night.
16. The driver was a young mother; the ___ killed her, all three of her kids, and the driver of the other car.
17. ___ people want peace on Earth and justice for all; a few people don't.
18. That man is so ___; he never said please or thank you. He is so impolite.