50. Copycat Copycat


Lucy had a cat. His name was Pirate. Pirate was 14 years old. Fourteen is old for a cat. "What can I do?" Lucy asked her dad. "Pirate is old. He will die soon. I will miss him so much." Dad said, "Why don't you clone him? They will make a brand new Pirate for you. It will look like Pirate. It will walk like Pirate. It will meow like Pirate. It will love you like Pirate. But it will be a kitten. It won't be an old cat. It will be a new kitten. You can have a new Pirate for 14 more years." "Dad," said Lucy, "that's a great idea. Then, when my new Pirate is 14, I can get another new Pirate!"

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