80. A Baby Shower

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While many women are involved in planning their bridal showers, a baby shower usually comes as a complete surprise. A baby shower is a party where a pregnant woman is "showered" with gifts and good wishes. A baby shower is usually given by a close female friend or relative of the mother-to-be. Sometimes co-workers of a pregnant person will also throw a baby shower.

The baby shower is usually given when the mother-to-be is between 6 and 9 months pregnant. Sometimes though, because predicting the due date of a baby isn't always exact, a baby shower can happen after the baby is born. A baby shower can be held in someone's home or outside, like in a restaurant or catering hall. Traditionally only women are invited to a baby shower. However, more and more baby showers are also including the father-to-be. Like with a bridal shower, a mother-to-be will often register a wish list of things she wants at one or several stores. This list usually consists of things the mother wants for her baby including clothes, diapers and even furniture like high chairs and cribs. This way friends and family members can go to the store and buy something from the list. Registering helps make sure that there aren't repeat items, like 30 bottles when a new mom only needed 15.

Some baby showers also feature a paper mache wishing well. This is not just for decoration. People can put cards inside with wishes for the new baby and mom. Most of these cards also contain money or gift cards to help the mom-to-be buy whatever else she needs for the baby. Sometimes there are games at a baby shower. In one game everyone guesses the due date of the baby. Another game has people taste baby food and guess the flavor

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