2. The Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is the United States' of its independence from England. It is the when the Declaration of Independence was adopted by the country's forefathers, and is a national holiday. It been celebrated every year since 1776. Americans hold day as one of the most revered holidays the country.

Independence Day celebrations include firework shows are held by various organizations throughout the country. shows are held at stadiums, recreational parks, and homes. Additionally, many businesses have giveaways and special for all residents on this day. The firework are best at stadiums, where they attract a number of people. This is a recent change the way Americans celebrate the day. In the , most people bought their own fireworks from vendors sell their goods in supermarket parking lots.

The many cities no longer allow the sales, or of fireworks is because of the fire hazards pose. This is why the large, professional celebrations stadiums and parks have become popular in recent . Of course, many people still celebrate at home . There are some cities where sales and use fireworks are still legal, and many Americans take -advantage of this.

Another Fourth of July tradition is backyard barbeque. The holiday occurs in the middle summer, and Americans love to grill outdoors to the heat inside the house. Hamburgers and hot are the food of choice, but steaks are prepared often. There is nothing better than a American meal and a cold drink celebrating the of July. It is a popular holiday, and is one that has great meaning to most .