7. Valentine's Day – A Holiday of Love and Friendship

Valentine's Day, February 14, is a holiday that love and friendship in the United States. Most think of it as a romantic day to the one you love how much you care purchasing cards and gifts. Valentine's Day is also extremely commercial holiday. People spend money on flowers, , chocolate, stuffed animals, and jewelry. People also go for expensive dinners. Valentine's Day is even celebrated school children, who give thank-you cards to their . Some high schools have Valentine's Day dances. give each other little cards. These cards can purchased at any store with famous cartoon characters. is considered much more thoughtful to have kids handmade cards to give to friends and teachers.

's Day is also a great day to announce love to someone like a secret crush. Some even get married on Valentine's Day. However, you 't have to be in love to share in festivities. You can say "Happy Valentine's Day" to and coworkers.

Valentine's Day is not an official though in the U.S. meaning government offices and are open as usual. The date used to the celebration of a Saint named Valentine who saved a young girl's life. It wasn't until Middle Ages that romance somehow got mixed in the date and lovers would send each other love notes. Back then you couldn't just go the store and buy a card the way can now.

You know Valentine's Day is around corner when stores begin to decorate with red pink hearts and the symbol of Cupid, a ancient Roman god said to strike the hearts people with his arrow. Now it seems Cupid straight after your wallet because you will also many more jewelry ads as Valentine's Day approaches.