39. Paramedics

Some of the everyday heroes in the United are the country's paramedics. These young men and are usually the first people who respond to emergencies suffered by citizens. Paramedics must complete a extensive physical training program that is designed to out those who cannot make the cut. A must be in fit condition, and be mentally to perform his or her duties in the of danger. Many of these heroes must endure -threatening situations when responding to emergencies. Paramedics are usually to a county, or city fire department, but are also some private paramedic organizations.

In Southern , there are two primary schools for paramedic training. are UCLA's Daniel Freeman Paramedic program and the Training Institute. Both of these schools provide candidates the Los Angeles County and City Fire Departments. become a paramedic for a county or city , candidates must also pass a psychological screening and physical training program.

Some of the equipment paramedics is very specialized. They carry basic and advanced support gear such as forcible entry tools so can reach people in peril, saws to cut obstacles, and other emergency equipment. Paramedics provide a service to the communities they serve. They must certified in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) techniques, and be to handle all situations.

Some paramedics are trained respond to what is called Mass Casualty Incidents (). These emergencies occur whenever there is a tragic such as the September 11, 2001 attacks on country, and other emergencies like earthquakes, mudslides, or . Paramedics can also be sent to emergency situations citizens who call the 911 emergency phone number.