41. The California Redwoods and Giant Sequoias

Some of the most majestic landscape views in are the great California Redwood and Sequoia trees. trees can be seen up close at Sequoia Park in the southern Sierra Nevada mountain range, of the city of Visalia. This central California boasts more than 400,000 acres of natural beauty is uniquely Californian. The park is known as Land of the Giants because of its beautiful . The landscape features great mountains, foothills, deep canyons, large cavern system, and, of course, the world's trees.

The park sits side-by-side with King's Canyon Park in the stunning San Joaquin Valley. Sequoia Park was officially established as a national park the 1890s. It features 14 campsites that include tables, fire rings for outdoor cooking, and food boxes. It is a great place for a vacation with many of its campsites open year . But the most popular attractions are its forests. ancient trees are some of the oldest living on earth, and draw millions of visitors worldwide. trees can reach heights of more than 375 . They are closely related to the Giant Sequoia , and are often mistaken for each other. They are uniquely Californian, as they do not grow in any other region in the world.

Redwood live up to 2,000 years, and have branches grow up to five feet in diameter. Its can grow up to 12 inches thick. The Sequoia trees can live up to an astonishing ,000 years, and have branches up to eight feet diameter. Its bark can grow to an amazing of three feet. Both trees have dark brown , and look very similar, but the Redwood thrives coastal climate, while the Sequoia exists in more areas. In either case, they are a must-see attraction.