47. Museum Mile in New York City

On one of New York City's most famous , Fifth Avenue, is Museum Mile. Museum Mile is 23-block stretch that holds some of the most museums in the world. Museum Mile begins at Street and Fifth Avenue with the massive Metropolitan of Art. Inside is thousands of years worth art and artifacts. A visitor can visit an Egyptian tomb, sit in a Japanese style garden, Renaissance paintings, and ancient Greek and Roman sculptures. is even a gallery featuring musical instruments. In summer, there is a rooftop garden where there spectacular views of the city, especially of Central .

The Guggenheim, on 88th Street and Fifth Avenue, a little bit like a snail's shell from outside. When it opened in the 1950's, the architecture, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, was thought be ugly by many. This museum focuses on art, but sometimes features special exhibits like one had a few years ago of ancient Mexican . The National Academy Museum and School of Fine , on 91st Street and Fifth Avenue is the 's oldest art school, dating back to 1825. The Museum on 93rd Street and Fifth Avenue, tells ,000 years worth of Jewish History. Up ten blocks 103rd Street and Fifth Avenue is the Museum the City of New York, showcasing the history the Big Apple from its colonial start.

One up on 104th Street and Fifth Avenue is Museo del Barrio. This museum started as a to reflect the city's large Puerto Rican migrant . Now it features exhibits focusing on art from over Latin America. Across the avenue is the Park Conservatory Garden, with a fountain that has sculpture of three dancing life-size women.