61. Boston - A Revolutionary City

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts. It is largest city in the New England state and rich with history. This is why over 12 people visit the city every year. It is very old city, founded in 1630 by English fleeing religious persecution. The American Revolution, when colonists, as patriots, fought for their independence from the , began in Boston with the Battle of Lexington. key events in the revolution occurred in the . One was the Boston Massacre, when British troops upon protestors, killing five. The Boston Tea Party, colonists dumped an entire shipment of British tea the harbor to protest taxes, was not a at all. Paul Revere's "midnight ride", where he colonists of British troops approaching, also happened in . Many of these sites can be accessed by a walk down the "Freedom Trail", a red of bricks embedded in the ground through the .

Boston is also a city of notable firsts. 's first public school was founded in Boston in . Boston Common, where British troops camped during the Revolution and where early colonists hanged people, is oldest public park in the United States. Boston also home to the oldest subway system in United States.

Like many cities in the United , immigrants played a large role in its development. immigrants who settled in Boston, for example, played large role in both local and national politics. also has a large and active Puerto Rican and Italian community. President John F. Kennedy and family have ties to Boston.

Boston is also known for many colleges and universities that surround . Some of the most famous are Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boston attracts more than ,000 college students from around the world.