65. A Bewitched City

Salem in the state of Massachusetts is called "Witch City", but don't be afraid. There aren't wearing pointy black hats riding around on brooms. New England city is called the Witch City of an infamous set of trials that happened in 1692 to 1693. At the time, the was just a town in the British colony Massachusetts. The Salem Witch Trials accused more than people of being witches. People believed witchcraft was and was criminal. Among the accused were women, , and even children. Nineteen people were sentenced to . They were all hanged. One of the accused tortured with heavy rocks being placed on him he was crushed underneath the weight. Seven others in jail.

There was never any proof that accused, and convicted were really witches. Historians think people would accuse people because of family feuds. historians think that a domino effect occurred, with becoming hysterical after one accusation. Fear of witches like a disease.

The Salem Witch Trials have a part of the city's history. "The Crucible", play about the trials by Arthur Miller, has turned into a movie. The city is not of its past, but rather uses it to tolerance and earn some tourist dollars. There is memorial dedicated to the innocent people who died of the witch-hunts. There is a "Witch Museum" tells the story of what happened. Many people Salem around Halloween. Salem police cars have witch . A local public school is known as the Heights Elementary School, and the Salem High School teams are named the Witches. Films and television featuring fictional witches have been filmed in Salem, "Hocus Pocus" and "Bewitched".