86. Helicopter versus Free Range Moms

The parenting styles of parents in the United are often criticized. One type of parenting that criticized is a helicopter parent. This kind of hover over their children like helicopters, which means parents are always on top of their children.

being an aware and involved parent is not bad thing, helicopter parents take it to the . The actions of helicopter parents actually hurt children, not teaching them to be responsible for their . For example, a helicopter parents would call their college-age child to wake them up to go class when part of college is learning to responsible and learning to manage your own time. parents are also overly worried about their kids hurt. This means helicopter parents hold back their 's natural curiosity. Part of growing up means your has to get hurt, physically and emotionally. This how lessons are learned. Instead, the kids of parents can grow up to be overly needy, adults. Some people blame the rise of helicopter on the rise of cell phones. Mobile phones it easier for parents to track their kids the time.

The opposite of the helicopter mom the free-range mom. The free-range mom follows a parenting style, meaning she lets her kid explore world at their own pace with little direction. name free-range comes from the idea that kids have the freedom to explore their world or in a way that makes sense to them. often means that free-range moms will not schedule like extra classes or play dates for their . Instead a free-range mom will just let her play in a park. There is less of emphasis on things like the latest toys.