96. What is in a Lease (2)

When you rent an apartment, you need to the lease for rules and responsibilities. For example, landlords do not want you to have guests the night. This is because the landlord doesn't who your guests are. If they damage the in any way, you will be responsible. Also a friend who wants to crash on your ends up staying for a really long time, ends up becoming another tenant.

You are responsible all the utilities you use while living in rental apartment. This means you will have to for the electricity and gas you use. If landlord pays for any utilities, it will say in the lease. Once you move in, you have to call the electric company and the company so they can put accounts in your . Also if you want a phone line, cable Internet, you will have to call those companies pay for those services yourself unless the lease that is included in your rent.

Your landlord supposed to have access to the apartment you renting from them. This doesn't mean they can barge in whenever. It does mean though that notice, the landlord is allowed to come into apartment during a reasonable time, meaning not in middle of the night when you are sleeping. this time the landlord will inspect the apartment make sure you are following the rules and landlord can also make any necessary repairs. All this should be written out on the lease. it is not, do not be afraid to the landlord to add that information. It protects the landlord and you.