98. Applying for Public Housing

When you apply for public housing, on the you need to give the names and ages everyone who will live with you. You will need to give the address of where you live and a phone number which you can contacted with.

In your application, you need to why you think you qualify for public housing . Some reasons can include being a veteran, being , or living in bad conditions. Bad conditions can that the place you are living now is or it can mean that you are in domestic violence situation. The government will also want know the name and contact information of your landlord and any landlords you had in the . This is so that the government can find if you are a good tenant. You will need to tell the government how much money make in a year and how you make money. You can't just make that information up. will need to provide your boss's information, old , and bank statements.

The government may visit you your current home and interview you and people live with. Other things the government will ask are your birth certificate and the birth certificates all people who will live with you and that you pay taxes, like a tax return. you are eligible for any public housing assistance, will get a letter. If you're approved, you'll put on a waiting list. You may be the waiting list for a long time before actually can move into a public housing unit. is because there are many people applying and for help. Sometimes you can be waiting for .