103. The land of Mobile Dining

There are many traditional restaurants in the Los area that offer first-rate dining experiences, but one the recent trends moving through the city is food trucks. Mobile food trucks, or catering trucks, formerly seen mostly at places of business. Some that had a large number of employees contracted these trucks to bring food to the company's to provide breakfast and lunch. It was an choice for many workers who preferred to stay to work at lunch time.

The catering truck began getting very competitive as food truck operators more commonplace. The way to ensure companies would doing business with their food trucks, caterers had diversify their menu items to become more appealing their customers. Soon catering trucks became specialized eateries foods ranging from tacos and burritos to hamburgers hotdogs, and more exotic foods.

One of the famous catering trucks is the Kogi truck. Los is home to hundreds of different cultures and Kogi truck is a marriage of Mexican and cuisine. People drive for miles to eat a Kimchi Quesadilla, or a famous spicy pork, or taco. Kogi burritos are just as tasty and . The short rib burrito is one of the items on the menu. Kogi is just one of the diversity in mobile dining available in California.

Today, the food truck industry is growing and larger. Many operators have their own websites that their customers can see beforehand where they be parked for the day. The days when trucks served only businesses are now over, although still do catering to businesses, an entire new of trucks has hit the streets of Los .