104. Venice Beach and Boardwalk

Nestled adjacent to the city of Los Angeles Venice Beach and boardwalk, which is officially the Ocean Front Walk. The beach and boardwalk are tourist attractions to Southern California visitors, and vacationers. its nearly year-round warm temperature, light rainfall, and sandy beaches, locals and visitors alike take to streets of Venice to enjoy a day in sun.

Venice Beach is home to the famous Beach section of the beach. This is where and women come from all parts of the to work out in the California sunshine on boardwalk. It has been featured in many Hollywood , and is a popular tourist attraction on its . The boardwalk is also home to various shops restaurants, along with numerous street performers, artists, musicians, even fortune tellers. There are unique homes alongside boardwalk and beachfront that feature some of the exotic designs found in the country.

Visitors can a day at the beach and boardwalk in number of ways. The boardwalk accommodates bike riders, , and rollerbladers. The beach offers traditional surfing, parasailing, surfing, and swimming all year round. Its outdoor offer some of the best cuisine found in city. Venice Beach and boardwalk are perfect examples California cool, with its tanned bodies, eccentric lifestyles, colorful characters.

The surrounding community features stylish boutiques, , art galleries, and bars for a fun night the town. With its year-round great weather, palm , white sand beaches, parks, and attractions, the Venice and boardwalk area has become a world destination defines California. The region is in the midst a healthy living trend that is affecting the country. With its outdoor weight-training areas, a jogging, bike path, Venice beach is the place to .