109. Free Summer Fun

Summer time in the United States generally means have a lot more free time to enjoy outdoors. The sun is out for longer, so are more hours in the day to enjoy. more free time does not mean you need spend a lot of money. There are plenty ways to enjoy your city or town for or no money.

In the summer, many parks free concerts. Sometimes these concerts feature bands and that are well known. Other times the concerts given by up and coming artists. Regardless of you know the band playing or not, these concerts in the park are a great way enjoy music outdoors. If you arrive at the early with your friends, you can even have picnic.

Many parks also offer free outdoor screenings movies. It's always a good idea to arrive to get a good viewing spot. Being too to the movie screen is no fun; your will hurt. Sitting too far means you'll have squint. These outdoor movie screenings are also great picnics.

If theater is more of your thing, major cities have some Shakespeare-in-the-park programs. These programs different works of Shakespeare performed live and outdoors. of these programs are free. Some of these -in-the-park programs are so popular that people line up hours to get free tickets. Usually the tickets first come, first serve. If all the tickets out before you get to the front of line, then you are out of luck. So there early!

If you don't have air conditioning, museums offer free admission days or hours. Besides museums being cool temperature wise, they are also because you can see amazing works of art.