113. The Backyard Barbeque

The backyard barbeque is one of the great traditions. The first day of summer is June , and that date signals the start of the grilling season. In places like Southern California, it rains during the summer. Residents of this region very little tropical conditions during this time. The is dry, much like a desert. This means is a good time to invite friends, neighbors, , and co-workers to enjoy a summer feast.

Barbeque vary greatly in type and size. Some people the propane fueled grills, or a natural gas , while others prefer the old-fashioned charcoal briquettes. Of , there are still grillers who like natural wood-burning .

Along with the food, grilling outdoors is a setting. People get together to have beverages and , and get caught up with the latest happenings. 's a great way to meet new people and network with others while having a great time. , many people bring their children along, and they fun playing with each other.

The main attraction is the food. Grillers love experimenting with new and sauces to enhance the flavor of their meats. Ribs and chicken are very popular menu . People can cook just about anything on a , such as warming tortillas, toasting bread, grilling onions, , and fish. One of the best things about backyard barbeque afternoon is the wonderful smell of food that carries through the air.

The tradition especially true on holidays such as the Fourth July, and Veterans Day, but celebrants do not an excuse to grill outdoors. All they need a grill, food, and good company to have good time.