117. Miniature Golf

One favorite activity for young people in Southern is visiting a Golf Arcade. The main feature this attraction is playing miniature golf, which is, the name suggests, a smaller version of the of golf. In golf, players play a round golf that includes either 9, or 18 holes an open, park-like field where each hole is great distance from the other. Golfers use a of clubs to play a round of golf, a driver, an iron, and a putter. Each has its own use. The object of the is to put a golf ball into the in the least number of strokes.

In miniature , the course is much smaller. Golf arcades are contained within a one-block area, so the game greatly from golf. One club is all it to play miniature golf, but it is no fun than playing real golf. A miniature golf has many themes depending on which course a visits. Unlike golf, miniature golf has obstacles placed the path of the golf ball to make difficult for a person to put the ball the hole. Miniature golf is usually no more nine holes.

Golf arcades are not limited to miniature golf. Some arcades include mini-car racing on small, professional-like race track. It is fun to a person's skills against others in a mini-car . If racing is not something of interest, there other activities available. Video games and pinball are . The food is another attraction at golf arcades. golf arcades serve American favorites like hot dogs, , and pizza with all the trimmings. A golf is really a great way to spend a , or Saturday night.