118. Working Out in L.A.

One of the major trends happening today in United States is physical fitness. For many years, led the world in deaths due to heart related to obesity. America is a society on move; so many people do not take the to eat properly. What happens in a typical is that Americans turn to fast food restaurants they are in a rush. Some of the popular fast food restaurants are McDonald's, Burger King, 's, Jack-in-the-Box, Carl's Jr., and White Castle. All these offer a quick bite to eat at an price. However, the quality of the food has suspect for years.

The fitness craze began as as the 1970s, when people became aware that fast food giants were serving food that promoted . Coupled with beverage industry companies like Coca Cola, , and 7UP, Americans were consuming too much salt their food, and too much sugar in their . Having realized the problem, Americans began making healthier choices. Those companies have also made major adjustments the food they offer. Today, along with the menu items such as hamburgers, fries, and sodas, fast food restaurants now offer grilled chicken sandwiches salads, too.

More Americans exercise on a regular these days, which helps promote a healthy metabolism improve stamina. It also helps control blood pressure blood sugar levels. Because of the healthy eating exercise trends going on in America today, death has been reduced significantly. Most Americans grew up fried, greasy food, but more and more people making the right food choices. Americans are adaptable .