3. The Yardman

The yardman comes every two weeks. He a gray pickup truck. The truck is Ford. It is about 15 years old, it runs well. It doesn’t burn oil, it gets decent gas mileage. The yardman’s is Byron.

In the back of his are a lawn mower, a leaf blower, rake, and a shovel. Byron uses the blower to blow leaves and dirt from back of the building out to the of the building. Then he rakes up leaves into a bag. He blows the out into the street. He cuts the with his lawn mower. He trims the . He uses the leaf blower to blow dirt off each Welcome mat that lies front of each apartment door.

Then he all the leaves, the grass trimmings, and hedge clippings into a wheelbarrow. He pushes wheelbarrow to the back of the building, he uses his big shovel to empty wheelbarrow contents into the big dumpster. It Byron about two hours to do this .

When he is done, he goes half block up the street to the house the corner. There he does the same again.