6. Horses to Ride

Laura went to the stable. Four horses there. She put a saddle on Star. was seven years old, big and dark . Her sister came out to the stable. were both going to exercise the horses. was a warm, sunny day. Janice saddled Moonbeam, a white mare. They got on horses and started walking them.

A few later, Laura was telling Janice about the doctor in her hospital. She raised her for a second to make a point. then, Star bucked. Laura went flying into air. She landed on her head and on the grass.

"Oh, my gosh!" Jan . "Laura, are you all right?"

Laura moaned. gently rolled her over. She didn’t see blood. That’s good, she thought.

"Can you ? You’re not paralyzed anywhere, are you?"

Jan Laura up into a sitting position. Laura moved her legs and arms. She wasn’t . When she moved her right hand to her head, she groaned.

"What’s the matter?"

" hurt. When I moved my arm, it ."

They still didn’t see any blood. Jan the top buttons on Laura’s blouse and at Laura’s right collarbone.

"Oh, no," she .