8. A Shower Injury

Ben leaned over the edge of the . He turned on the hot and cold faucets. The water came out of the near the top of the tub. He down on the lever beneath the spout that the water would drain. He was to take a shower, not a bath.

tested the temperature. It wasn’t hot enough. adjusted the hot water faucet. There was handle between the hot and cold faucets. one controlled whether water came out of spout or out of the shower head. turned it all the way to the . Now hot water was coming out of shower head. The temperature was just right.

took off his robe and stepped over top of the tub. He pulled the door closed. He grabbed the bar of out of the soap dish and started his face.

While his eyes were closed keep out the soap, he put the back into the dish. Then he reached the big plastic container of shampoo on window ledge. The bottle slipped out of hands and landed on his left foot.

"!" Ben said angrily. That hurt.