9. Pete's Sharp Knife

Pete was in his kitchen. He was to slice three green apples. He liked eat fresh apples with cinnamon sprinkled on . He opened the blinds so that he get more sunlight into the kitchen. Now could see what he was doing.

He a knife out of a drawer. It "Surgical Stainless USA" on the side of blade. The blade was very thin and . It had teeth, like a saw. The was a brown piece of cheap hollow .

He had bought this knife about 20 ago at a county fair. It was of those knives that were advertised on . It could cut through a tomato can, then cut easily and cleanly through a tomato.

"You never need to sharpen it. sharp edge is guaranteed for life." That’s they advertised it. And Pete, for once, ’t argue that the advertisers lied. This was great knife.

But it was also a knife. A couple of years ago, Pete careless. He was rapidly slicing a potato the blade got his finger. The doctor three stitches in Pete’s finger.

"Next time, more careful," the doctor said.

No kidding, thought. He was so careful that he ’t use the knife for almost a year.