10. Provider Overbills Customer

Simon got a monthly bill that he ’t like. His Internet service provider, Wink, automatically $15 from his checking account each month. was called direct payment. It made things for him because it meant one less to write each month.

In fact, Simon direct payments with his gas company, his company, and his electric company. So that four fewer checks that he had to each month.

This month, instead of $15, had withdrawn $75. Simon went online and at his account. Part of the increase because he had switched from a slow -up connection to a fast DSL connection. Wink him $45 just to make that switch.

thought that this charge in itself was . It probably took them about five seconds make the switch. But any time a can gouge you, they will.

In addition the $45, Wink had charged him $15 his dial-up account, but had also charged $15 for his DSL account. This was double-charge, since a computer uses dial-up or , but not both.

We’ll see about this, thought, as he searched for Wink’s 800 number.