12. Sara's Upset Stomach

Sara needed to see the doctor. She an upset stomach. She felt bloated, and to pass gas every minute or so. was terrible. She couldn’t go anywhere in .

Her friends told her it was because had moved to America. The air, water, food in America weren’t agreeing with her. said she would have to return to home country.

"No way," Sara said. She ’t want to go home. She liked America. was a minor problem, she was sure. good doctor would solve it in no . Two days later, she saw her doctor. asked her if she drank milk. She yes, three glasses a day.

“Don’t drink more regular milk. Start drinking lactose-free milk, lactose can upset your stomach."

Then he her if there were any big problems her life. She said that her boyfriend a big problem. He wanted to get , but she didn’t. The doctor said that should find another boyfriend.

"Why?" Sara asked.

" your boyfriend is giving you too much . He is probably the main cause of upset stomach."

"I don’t think my boyfriend going to like that."

"Just tell him he really loves you, he should leave ."