22. The Loose Button

George wore a pair of blue shorts around house. They were old, faded, and ugly, but were comfortable. And when you are at home, want to be comfortable. It wouldn't be called ", Sweet Home" if you didn't feel comfortable there.

when he put on his blue shorts one , the button was just hanging on by a . That single button was the only thing that his shorts up.

George could do two things. could wait until the button fell off. When happened, it would probably roll under the sofa be lost forever. Or, he could sew the on securely before it fell off.

He found sewing kit. He threaded the needle and tied knot at the end of the thread. Then started the needle through the cloth. He directed through one of the holes in the button. he reversed direction. He put the needle back a different hole, and then through the cloth .

He repeated this motion through all four button until the button was tight. Then he tied bunch of knots in the last bit of and snipped off the excess thread. He put the shorts and buttoned the button. It was .

Good for another ten years, he smiled to .