25. Raising the Kids

Louise and Neil had been dating for three . She was 40, and he was 50. They to get married and have two kids as as possible, but there was a problem. They on how they would raise their kids.

Because had a high-paying job, Neil could stay home raise the kids. He looked forward to that, he felt that he would be a great . First, he would teach them how to read. he would teach them about life. His kids not going to waste their time reading fairy and watching Sesame Street. They were going to practical stuff, like how to use Microsoft Office how to get a four-year scholarship to Harvard. wanted them to become business majors, because business where the money is.

Louise had other plans. wanted her kids to relax and enjoy life. didn't want them to grow up too fast. was the oldest child in a poor family, her father had put her to work in fields as soon as she turned six. Life been hard for her. She didn't want it be hard for her children.

Neil said not worry. There was still plenty of time for to figure out a way for the kids have fun and still become happy millionaires.