39. Another Jealous Girlfriend

Scott was sound asleep when the phone rang.

" you awake?" Jolene shouted. Scott mumbled something. How he still be asleep, she asked. It was noon. He told her that he hadn't gone sleep until 6 a.m. Jolene told him to up, and come pick her up. They had go to the store to return the birthday he had given her.

It was a tangerine . The leaves were curling up. It was going die, she said. "Curling leaves means the plant going to die?" Scott asked. Of course, she him.

"Look, honey," he asked, "let me go to sleep for one hour, okay? Then I'll pick you up." Jolene wondered why he needed hour. Was he expecting a phone call from ex-girlfriend? No, he patiently tried to explain, he wanted to get another hour of sleep.

But could not sleep anymore. Once Jolene mentioned anything Amy, he'd better get over there quickly. Scott up with Amy five years ago. Now they just friends. But, Amy still loved him. That 't a problem for Scott, until Jolene found out it. If Amy still loved Scott, Jolene figured they just might get back together.

She can a dying plant but not a dead love , Scott grumbled as he rolled out of bed.