41. The Doctor's Exam

Rebecca's stomach hurt. She said that sometimes it like someone was peeling the skin off her ; that pain felt worse than when she gave 17 years ago. She finally went to a . He asked a lot of questions, and then her. He decided that she needed a couple ultra-sound tests.

The tests revealed that she had small ovarian cysts. The doctor said he did think that those cysts were causing the problem. wanted to do another test. It was called colonoscopy. Rebecca told her boyfriend Ron about the 's suggestion.

"A colonoscopy?! You've got a problem in belly, and he wants to examine your butt? did you find this quack? I'll bet he his 'degree' off the Internet."

Rebecca asked her where he got his medical degree from. Of , he had no medical degree, but he told that it was just common sense.

"If your isn't running right, and the mechanic wants to in your trunk to find the problem, what you think? Would you let him charge you money to examine your trunk, or would you find a mechanic who knows what he's doing?"

went to a medical site on the Internet and discovered that some colon problems definitely could stomach pains.