47. Destruction of Iraq

It's a big country, but still, how can be left of Iraq? When you look at news on TV, all you see is one after another. Helicopters falling from the sky, and flying into the sky. Suicide bombers committing homicide, two deeply religious sects going at each other's .

Iraqis are leaving the country as fast as can, while terrorists are entering as fast as can. About 30,000 Iraqi civilians are getting killed year, while 2 million Iraqis have left their since 2003. The US government, which has caused of this suffering, has not welcomed these Iraqi into the USA. Less than 800 Iraqis have allowed to enter this country since the war four years ago. What is the reason for small number? The Iraqi people are our friends.

US government tried to rescue Iraqis from Saddam and bring them democracy. Now there is no , but also there is no democracy. In the , there might even be no Iraq. Many people , and many Iraqis, think that Iraq was better before Bush and Cheney decided to "help."