51. Trash Truck Misses Pick-up

Every Monday night, Felix checked the big blue in the carport behind his apartment building. If container was at least a third full, he take it out to the street for pick-up. night, it was two-thirds full. He rolled it into the street.

The next day, he checked container. It was still almost full of recyclables. was odd, because all the other blue containers the street were empty. He could tell because couple of lids were open. He walked across street to double-check. Hmm, he wondered. Then he up his side of the street. There were blue containers standing there. He walked about 120 up the street and lifted each lid. Both were empty. How could the truck have missed container?

He went upstairs to his apartment and city hall. They connected him to the public department. Susan said she would call Acme Trash let them know about the missed container. On , Felix checked the container again. It was still . But, the big green dumpster in the carport missing. Apparently, the message that Susan sent to Trash had been misunderstood. Acme picked up the green dumpster, which had already been emptied on , instead of the blue container.

Felix left a on Susan’s answer machine, saying to forget it. he went downstairs and pulled the almost full back into its space in the carport. Let sit there till next Tuesday, he told himself. he left another message, he was worried that building would accidentally get dropped permanently off Acme’s -up list.