76. A Hot Day and a Cool Pool

It was their first vacation together in years. and Oscar had been running their own jewelry for years. They made a nice income, but were busy all the time. They went to trade show after another, flying throughout the US often to China and other countries. Their last was at least ten years ago. Recently, Oscar’s said that Oscar’s high blood pressure was going be the death of him. After questioning Oscar his eating and exercise habits, he concluded that was stressing himself out at work. He told that he needed to stop and smell the more often.

“In short,” he said, “I’m writing a prescription for two weeks of R&R—rest and , immediately. In fact, I want you to take four weeks a year, and these must be vacations. No cell phone, no laptop. Do you me? In case you don’t, I’m telling Meg, . You might not listen to me, but you listen to her.”

Meg canceled all their activities the two weeks at the end of July. , they did not have any flights scheduled. She them a nice hotel near Palm Springs. “We’ll up on our magazines, newspapers, and TV reruns,” told Oscar. “We won’t even TALK about work two weeks, okay? We’ll relax in the pool, massages, and treat ourselves like royalty. Got it?”

, ma’am,” Oscar said, smiling as he saluted her.

hotel had failed to tell them that it undergoing renovations. But when it offered everything at price, Meg and Oscar stayed. The second morning, 10, Oscar told Meg he was going to a swim. She told him not to forget sun block. She went back to sleep. When woke up at noon, she put on her suit and went outside.

She couldn’t stop screaming she saw Oscar submerged beneath the water. His had gotten caught in a suction vent that had not covered properly. He had been under for ten minutes.

A month after the funeral, home, Meg was going through her mail. The , apparently worried about a lawsuit, had sent her offer to stay there free for a month. congenial letter suggested that she “Bring a friend!”