77. Up, Up, and Away

Twelve people in British Columbia experienced a disastrous ride when it accidentally caught fire. The balloon still tied to the ground when the fire . Three people jumped out immediately and safely. But ropes securing the balloon burnt through and the started rising.

Seven more people jumped out as as they could, but each one jumped from higher height. The last two jumped from almost feet up. Their clothes were on fire. They , but both would be in the hospital for months, according to officials. The others escaped with bones and first- and second-degree burns, but nothing “.” Officials said that another balloon fire, causing no and only minor injuries, had occurred only a earlier.

The two balloon riders who failed to out were a married couple celebrating their 50th . Their oldest son had surprised them with this “ flight” as a gift. The couple burnt to in the basket, which ascended to about 500 . Then the entire balloon burst into flames and to the ground, landing in a trailer park. basket was still burning furiously. It looked like orange torch as it descended, brilliant against the sky. Four trailers were destroyed by the bomb-like of the basket’s heavy landing. When the dust cleared, the married couple were found, completely charred, each other.